VARIPHOB HP 120 | Innovative Water Repellency for sustainable Building Protection

Water or high humidity together with ever changing weather conditions are the main reasons for all kinds of damage caused by corrosion on metallic, wooden or mineral constructions and buildings. Water must be prevented from getting in contact with the construction material in order to minimise maintenance cost, prolong renovation cycles or even avoid replacement purchases. Water-repellent coating systems such as paints and plasters that provide a permanent protection of house fronts are particularly suitable for this purpose.

For water-borne paints and plasters typically a combination of polysiloxanes and silicone resins are used as water repellents. The polysiloxanes are mainly responsible for the early water resistance and the beading effect, whereas the silicone resins generally reduce the water uptake. In contrast to organic resins, silicone resins have a higher water vapour permeability which is required for a moisture exchange. If the water vapour permeability is not ensured, mould may develop in the interior.

VARIPHOB HP 120 is based on the CHT-own polysiloxane-hybrid technology that connects the benefits of both product classes in a unique way. For this reason the application of this product makes it easier for the formulator to develop the recipe and additionally VARIPHOB HP 120 helps to save resources and raw materials.





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    An overview of the benefits

    • All-in-one water repellency through hybrid technology
    • Suitable for environmental certifications
    • Good early water resistance
    • Low water absorption (w-value)
    • High water vapour permeability (SD-value)
    • Low staining tendency
    • High compatibility with binders


    Application fields

    • Dispersion paints and plasters
    • Silicone resin paints and plasters



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