HANSA® LPW 854 | High-performance silicone for the furniture and automotive industry

Performance and functionality are even more important for the automotive industry, especially in the car upholstery market. In any case, fashion trends and technical features have to be sustainable and therefore the goal will be clearly to provide environmentally friendly performances with aesthetic appeals for leather materials.

With regard to performances the abrasion resistance is one of the most important criteria for the automotive sector. It determines how long a leather substrate will be stable in normal use. Typical abrasion tests for the car upholstery market are the Martindale or the Taber test, which simulate the wear caused by abrasive mechanical action.

CHT Group silicones are ideal for enhancing the leather performance


HANSA® LPW 854 is a new silicone rubber emulsion, which can be used to improve the abrasion resistance of finished leather while giving a waxy and smooth touch modification.

In combination with waterborne polyurethane dispersions it imparts the leather finishing good gliding properties and light fastness. We recommend this new HANSA silicone for the shoe industry as well.

Environmental standards for leather are met since HANSA® LPW 854 is BTX-free and more sustainable than the current benchmark for the automotive industry.




    HANSA® LPW 854 provides outstanding advantages for the car upholstery and the furniture industry

    • Abrasion improvements
    • Outstanding heat resistance even under continuous stress
    • Very good weathering resistance
    • Stability to physical strain and chemicals


    Easy application and convincing performance

    • Waxy touch and smooth handle as leather additive in PU topcoats
    • Finishing additive, which can be easily incorporated in various waterborne topcoats and other organic binders
    • Very high performances in terms of Martindale and Taber test
    • Excellent dilution stability with water, where we recommended a polyurethane thickener in case of needs



    Sector German title English title Type Date Language
    Leather SolutionsHANSA LPW 854 | Oberflächen- und GriffmodifikatorHANSA LPW 854 | Surface and touch modifierTechnical information26.10.2018