HANSA CARE 2270 D - Innovative raw material for transparent fabric conditioners

Classical, normally milky fabric conditioners have only slight differences in performance. Product innovations are hard to achieve in the meantime.

With the innovative raw material HANSA CARE 2270 D it is now possible to produce transparent fabric softeners. Due to the fact that transparency has been hard to reach so far, totally new marketing strategy doors open up for producers of fabric conditioners and related products - wellness for the laundry.

Aside from optical effects, HANSA CARE 2270 D also provides added values. The hydrophilic properties provide an ideal moisture management as well as improved wear comfort. An outstanding core softness is achieved through optimal orientation to the fibre.

HANSA CARE 2270 D is mainly used for formulating fabric conditioners, ironing aids or ironing water.




Advantages and product properties of HANSA CARE 2270 D at a glance:

  • Transparent appearance of fabric conditioners
  • Micro-emulsion technology
  • Only low amounts needed for high efficiency
  • Can be processed without heating and cooling processes
  • No impact on the fragrances
  • Supports the moisture management
  • Great for sportswear
  • Makes ironing easier
  • Reduces the formation of creases


For the production of transparent conditioners we recommend a combination with:

HANSA WS 3350 | Thickener based on hydroxyethylcellulose


For formulating fabric care articles, we can also offer the following innovative CHT products:

HANSA CARE 7140 | FC-free impregnation for outdoor clothing

HANSA CARE 10015 | Additive for liquid detergents

HANSA CARE 5705 | Defoamer for liquid detergents


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