HANSA ADD 5734 - Emulsifier-free and VOC-free defoamer for aqueous architectural paints

CHT Bautenfarben

Due to its innovative formulation technology HANSA ADD 5734 belongs to a new generation of defoamers.

This innovative defoamer is particularly suited for formulating environmentally friendly coating systems with future environmental certification because it is free from emulsifiers, mineral oils and other VOC forming components.

HANSA ADD 5734 can be applied in many formulations and is especially recommended for styrene acrylate based systems.




Application fields

  • Dispersion paints
  • Silicone resin paints
  • Dispersion silicate paints
  • Aqueous wood paints

Overview of special product features:

  • High compatibility
  • VOC-free (< 1500 ppm)
  • Free from mineral oils
  • APEO-free
  • Free from emulsifiers
  • Suited for environmental certifications
  • Low viscosity, suited for a wide viscosity range
  • Maximum effectivity with minimum application amounts (0.3 % - 1.0 %)
  • Can be easily introduced and added at any point of the production process