AGOCHEM CV | Barrier additive for waterborne stain-blocking interior paints

Applied as barrier additive in waterborne interior paints AGOCHEM CV effectively prevents previously existing stains on the wall such as highlighters, coffee, nicotine or red wine from penetrating and showing through.

AGOCHEM CV is suited for stain-blocking interior paints and primers.




AGOCHEM CV is excellently recommended for a combined use with the following CHT products:

AGOCHEM R-VAC 350 | VAc-Dispersion

AGOCEL I-115 D | Rheological additive

VARISURF D 5500 | Wetting and dispersing additive

HANSA ADD 5020 | Defoamer

HANSA ADD 5734 | Defoamer


Please find the exact recipe in the product flyer.
Our Technical Service is at your entire disposal.



  • Easy to incorporate
  • Neutral odour
  • Long-lasting barrier effect
  • VOC-free according to EU guideline 2004 / 42 / EG

Chemical composition

Cationic condensation product


Colourless, clear liquid


Approx. 50 %




Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Paints & Coatings SolutionsAGOCHEM CV | Barriere AdditivAGOCHEM CV | Barrier additiveTechnical information09.01.2019

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