Product safety

No compromises – no risks

The safety and protection of humans and nature are of major importance to us. Therefore, we manifested them in our company policy. We are aware of our responsibility and ensure that our products and production processes meet highest safety demands.

We meet all relevant chemical laws (e.g. the EU Acts REACH and CLP) and regulations in related fields of law. Moreover, we participate in the worldwide voluntary self-commitment 'Responsible Care' of the chemical industry. In our classic work area, the textile chemistry, we commit ourselves as bluesign® supporter to promote the targets of the ZDHC initiative.

At the moment 14 highly qualified staff members work at our Product Safety in Tübingen/ Germany (textile auxiliaries and other company fields) as well as 3 in Montlingen/ Switzerland (textile dyes). These experts take over important control functions to meet legal stipulations for all worldwide companies of the complete CHT Group and provide individual service to our customers and authorities.


The internal and external performance portfolio of our Product Safety comprises the following:

  • Coordination of the REACH process (European inventory of chemical substances), among others:
    • Elaboration of the IUCLID dossier for the REACH registrations
    • Contact for the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency)
  • Classification of products, formulations and ingredients (hazardous substance/dangerous good)
  • Coordination of dangerous goods and dangerous goods officer
  • Elaboration of safety data sheets
  • Ensuring that the relevant information is given on labels and packaging
  • Registration of products (product inventories according to chemical law, textile standards, etc.)
  • Settling of customs matters and foreign trade regulations
  • Ensuring that general or customer-specific standards are met (e.g. Öko-Tex Standard 100, GOTS, etc.)
  • Determination of limit values for various hazardous substances in raw materials and products
  • Coordination of biocide products 

We support our customers and cooperation partners and provide them with a wide range of knowledge:

  • Chemical law as well as related fields of law (among others biocide, pesticide, medical products, law concerning hygiene, cosmetics, food and animal feed)
  • Other fields of law (e.g. law on detergents and cleaning agents, EU Act on surfactants, law on emissions (exhaust air, waste water, waste), Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung (German Consumer Goods Ordinance))
  • Dangerous goods law (transport of chemicals)
  • Customs and foreign trade law
  • Fiscal and tax legislation concerning chemicals

We are an active member in various expert groups:

  • VCI e.V. - Association of the Chemical Industry
  • TEGEWA e.V. - Association of Manufacturers of Textile, Paper, Leather, Fur Auxiliaries and Dyes, Surfactants, Sequestrants, Antimicrobial Agents, Polymeric Flocculants, Cosmetic Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Auxiliaries or Related Products
  • ETAD Organisation - The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers