Printing inks and overprint varnishes

CHT Printing Inks and Overprint Varnishes

Modern printing inks are not only applied in paper printing. Optical and fashionable effects on versatile substrates are essential for the successful marketing of many consumer goods. Therefore, inks are exposed to permanently changing trends and performance.

Chemical additives are indispensable for meeting the high demands on the production and application of printing inks, flexo printing and gravure inks as well as varnishes. The foam prevention during the production and application of inks as well as the necessary specific properties resulting from the high speed of the printing machinery are great challenges which must be met.

The additives of the CHT Group have been optimised for these demands. With smallest application concentrations they achieve maximum effects still respecting, however, international pre-requisites like e.g. for food contact.

Our additives meet modern ecological and economic demands and are particularly suited for the following fields:

  • Flexo printing inks
  • Gravure inks
  • Screen printing inks
  • Overprint varnishes
  • Pigment pastes


Our team will be pleased to support you in the development of high quality printing inks and overprint varnishes in the following core ranges:

Surface design

  • Prevention of orange peel effects
  • Improvement of the levelling and surface properties
  • Increase of the surface slip
  • Improvement of the scratch resistance
  • Control of the overcoatability


  • Targeted adjustment of the production and printing rheology
  • Improvement of the storability through reduced pigment and filler sedimentation

Substrate wetting

  • Improvement of the wetting of printed surfaces
  • Prevention of pinholes, craters and other surface defects
  • Increase and improvement of the intercoat adhesion in multi-coat systems

Defoaming and deaerating

  • Foam prevention during pigment grinding and let-down
  • Defoaming during the printing process

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