Mineral Building Solutions


Efficient additives and systems for mineral buildings materials

Construction is marked by permanently new products and short innovation cycles in the supplying industry.

With its special chemicals and additives the CHT Group aims at contributing innovative and efficient recipe components for products and applications.

Our products strengthen our customers’ product portfolio and market position. The end users benefit from the improved performance of the finished formulations during application.

Our range for your demands

For tailor-made product developments we use our versatile core competences.

The CHT Group produces and formulates special chemicals and additives for the following application fields of mineral building materials:

Rheological additives

  • Natural and synthetic thickeners
  • Suspending agents
  • Anti-depositing agents

Hydrophobic agents



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We support the following applications with our products


  • Construction industry

Special applications

  • Cement-based mortar
  • Concrete and facade
  • Gypsum-based mortar

Products and assortments

Defoamers and deaerators

Additives which prevent undesired foam formation in liquid or pasty systems.

Water repellency / oil repellency

Wide portfolio of silicone-based water-repellent agents and silicone resins. Coatings become water-repellent but remain open to diffusion. The modification of the formulation ensures a permanent protection of the house front or coating.

Rheological additives

Rheological additives serve for controlling the consistency and processing as well as the flow behaviour and storability of synthetic resin or minerally bound systems.

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