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Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsARRISTAN CPU | Weiches, hoch-elastisches PolyurethanARRISTAN CPU | Soft, highly elastic polyurethaneTechnical information05.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsHydrophile BausteineModular hydrophilic systemTechnical information05.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsREAKNITT ZF | Formaldehydfreie Pflegeleicht- und AntipillingausrüstungReaknitt ZF | Formaldehyde-free easy care finish of cellulose textilesTechnical information05.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTUBINGAL ACE | Soft Repair für Ihre TextilienTUBINGAL ACE | Soft Repair for your TextilesTechnical information05.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTUBIGUARD® 30-F | Hydrophobierung, OleophobierungTUBIGUARD® 30-F | Water and oil repellencyTechnical information02.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTUBIGUARD® F-Serie | Hydrophobierung, OleophobierungTUBIGUARD® F-Range | Water and oil repellencyTechnical information02.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTUBIGUARD® LD-F | Hydrophobierung, OleophobierungTUBIGUARD® LD-F | Water and oil repellencyTechnical information02.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsElektrisch leitfähige BeschichtungenElectrically conductive coatingTechnical information02.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsArbeitsschutztextilienProtective clothingTechnical information02.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTechnische TextilienTechnical TextilesTechnical information02.02.2018
Textile Care SolutionsPerfekte Bettfedern- und Füllmaterial-VeredlungPerfect finishing of bed feathers and filling materialBrochure14.12.2017
CorporateCHT Deutschland | Prädikat - Familienbewusstes UnternehmenCHT Germany | Title - Family-friendly CompanyDocument12.12.2017
CorporatePressemitteilung | Familienbewusstes UnternehmenPress release | Family-friendly CompanyDocument12.12.2017
CorporatePressemitteilung | Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2016Press release | Sustainability report 2016Document11.12.2017
CorporateNachhaltigkeitsbericht 2016Sustainability Report 2016Brochure06.12.2017
Consumer Care SolutionsSilikone für Haushalts- und AutopflegeSilicones for Home and Car careBrochure01.12.2017
Bezema Colour SolutionsTUBANTIN | Direktfarbstoffe für ZelluloseTUBANTIN | Direct dyes for cellulosicsShade card24.11.2017
CorporateAnwohnerinformation SicherheitPublic security informationBrochure21.11.2017
CorporatePressemitteilung | Strategisches Wachstum 2017Press release | Strategic growth 2017Document14.11.2017
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTUBINGAL PURE | Weichmacher für neue HorizonteTUBINGAL PURE | Soft handle agent for new horizonsTechnical information10.11.2017

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