Les objectifs du développement durable du groupe CHT

Cornerstones for the future

We focus on developing products and processes that contribute to sustainable development in industrial processes. Therefore, we increasingly offer our customers products and process solutions that have a sustainable impact within the subsequent value chain. The share of ECO Range products that make a special contribution to sustainability within the value chain will continue to increase within the CHT product portfolio in the future.

All in all, we have identified and prioritised numerous relevant sustainability aspects as cornerstones for our group of companies. These aspects serve as guidelines for the formulation of our corporate goals for the coming years. With the Strategy 2025, the CHT Group has set the course for an ambitious and at the same time sustainable growth policy.

Be it sustainable supplier rating, optimal raw material selection, innovative product development, Corporate Social Responsibility or resource-saving processes, we do our best in many respects every day to promote sustainability.


In 2018 and 2019, CHT Germany won the Responsible Care SME Award of the VCI (German Chemical Industry Association) for these initiatives and projects respectively:

Reduction of the use of critical raw materials

Responsibility from the purchase of raw materials to the customer's product

Many of our innovations are true sustainability pioneers:

TUBINGAL RISE - a textile softener that provides recycled silicones with a new use

COTOBLANC STM - a soaping agent that saves water, time and energy in the textile dyeing process

Ecoprint by CHT - a compostable textile printing system


Our guideposts | UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The United Nations have defined 17 development goals that set the course for how humanity will deal with the greatest challenges of the future. These goals (Sustainable Development Goals) are intended to ensure the preservation of the world and the economy, but also healthy nutrition and a life free of poverty.

To meet global challenges, our society needs chemical innovations more than ever. Our know-how and our developments contribute to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As a responsible business enterprise and as a member of the UN Global Compact, it is essential for CHT to ensure that the group's objectives are aligned with these SDGs in the best possible way. We have defined 11 of the 17 SDGs for which we have identified the greatest relevance within the fields of action we have set out. This is where we see the greatest potential contribution in the CHT Group's sustainability commitment.


Our goals | Strategy 2025

A new corporate strategy was developed for CHT's business operations at the beginning of 2020, which sets out a consistently sustainable and at the same time challenging path for the global group of companies until 2025.

The goals for continuing profitable growth are divided into financial, non-financial and cultural goal areas. All divisional goals and defined strategic measures were evaluated with regard to their contribution to the UN SDGs, broken down into sub-goals and measures, comprehensively documented and are now starting to be implemented.

Learn more in our Sustainability Report 2020