Industrial coatings

CHT Industrial Coatings

Recipes which are optimised in every detail facilitate the use of coatings in a wide range of high-tech industrial applications. The different application fields and processes make extreme demands on quality, functionality as well as profitability.

The CHT Group offers “intelligent and tailor-made“ additives, respecting important environmental guidelines. Thanks to these additives our products fulfil the complex standards and pre-requisites on versatile surfaces (metal, glass, synthetic materials).

To meet the increasing ecological and economic demands the additives of the CHT Group are particularly suited for:

  • Plastic coatings
  • Coatings for mechanical engineering
  • Coatings for construction and agricultural machinery
  • Coatings for household appliances and white goods
  • Coatings for stock and operational equipment


We aim at supporting our customers and partners with individual solutions for the product development and adjustment in the following fields:

Substrate wetting

  • Improvement of the wetting of low energy surfaces such as plastics
  • Prevention of pinholes, craters and other surface defects
  • Increase and improvement of the intercoat adhesion in multi-coat systems


  • Targeted adjustment of the production and processing rheology
  • Improvement of the storability through reduced pigment and filler sedimentation

Defoaming and deaerating

  • Foam prevention during pigment grinding and let-down
  • Deaeration of the paint during and after its application

Surface design

  • Prevention of orange peel effects
  • Improvement of the levelling and surface properties
  • Increase of the surface slip
  • Creation of sustainable “easy-to-clean“ and anti-graffiti effects
  • Improvement of the scratch resistance
  • Control of the overcoatability