Consumer Care Solutions

Home Care

The CHT Group offers a wide range of special high-quality silicones for home care products as well as for the production of high-quality car care products.

No matter if for the retail market or for professionals – our additives achieve extraordinary performance, high efficiency and maximum reliability.

Our range of products meets highest standards of innovation and quality and provides unique functionalities for vast application areas.

Home Care

Floor care, kitchen care, sanitary care, furniture and leather care

Car Care

Car washing, coating care, interior care, tyre care and care of plastic parts

Personal Care

For their market success, producers of cosmetic products require innovative and functional products that awake the consumer’s senses and give him a good feeling.

Finished with silicone specialties of the CHT Group, personal care products have lasting care effects you can feel.

We offer an innovative personal care product range based on organo-modified silicone oils and special products for the following application fields.

Hair Care

Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling products

Bodycare and Cosmetics

Creams, Make-up, Lipsticks, Face cleansing and care lotions, Shower gels

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    Product kinds

    • Defoamers and deaerators
    • Soft handle agents
    • Water repellency / oil repellency
    • Thickeners
    • Easy to clean effects
    • Amino siloxanes
    • Colour intensifying agents
    • Gloss improving agents
    • Hydrophilic agents
    • Polyether siloxanes
    • Silicone quats
    • Silicone waxes
    • Substrate wetting agents

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    Product ranges

    • BeauSil AMO
    • BeauSil PEG
    • BeauSil QUAT
    • BeauSil WAX
    • HANSA WS
    • iSys

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