HANSA® LPW silicone gum | Additives for optimizing abrasion and touch in leather finishing

Leather products can have very different haptics and looks. But how can the material be given a special character and how can high quality be achieved over a long period of time?

The HANSA silicone gum range offers new silicone gum emulsions which are based on high molecular weight siloxanes to improve the technical and physical performance of finished leather while giving an individual touch modification. With these innovative and sustainable silicone gums the latest fashion trends can be achieved and maintained permanently. The product range meets the technical requirements of the leather industry as all silicone gums are BTX-free and additionally create remarkable gliding properties and a good light fastness.

Abrasion resistance is one of the most important physical properties for the leather industry. It has a direct influence on the durability of a leather article in everyday use. Typical test methods of the leather industry for abrasion resistance are the Martindale or Taber test. They simulate wear caused by mechanical stress and certify the excellent effect of HANSA silicone gum products. With HANSA silicone gum a variety of completely different touch modifications can be achieved without affecting the mechanical characteristics of the finished leather.

HANSA silicone additives are the key components in formulations that optimize leather performance in terms of abrasion. In addition, the finishing with HANSA silicone gum also provides an excellent heat resistance and a very good resistance to weathering of the treated leather.

In any case, HANSA silicones are indispensable for the manufacture of durable and high-performance leather materials and the first choice of the leather finishing industry.



HANSA LPW | Silicone gum

Technical characteristics

Chemical character:
Compound of a high viscosity polydimethylsiloxanes

White paste

Solids content at 140°C:
60 - 75 %

Dilution stability (32 % at RT):

Compatibility with standard PU topcoats:
Very good

Recommended dosage in PU topcoat formulations:
4 - 6 %

Touch modification:
Waxy and smooth touch | HANSA LPW 854
Waxy, warm and full touch | HANSA LPW 856
Sleek and full touch | HANSA LPW 857
Smooth touch | HANSA LPW 858

At a glance:

  • Finishes with the PU leather topcoat impart leather with an individual touch and look
  • Finishing additive which can be easily incorporated in a great variety of waterborne topcoats and other organic binders
  • Finished leather has a very high performance in Taber and Veslic abrasion test
  • Dilution stability in water, also with very low solids content
  • Mainly recommended for car upholstery as well as for the furniture and shoe industry