Herbicide, Pesticide and Fertiliser - Adjuvant

First quality product at high yield is the ultimate objective of all farm spray programs.

Optimising the performance of the spray program can be achieved with HANSA ADD 1055 universal adjuvant, particularly for ground based pests and weeds, HANSA ADD 1055 offers superior wetting and penetration of the active ingredients into pests and weeds resulting in faster more efficient treatments, reducing pest damage and freeing up water that would have been taken up by weeds.

You can make your treatments more effective with HANSA ADD 1055.

HANSA ADD 1055 ADJUVANT benefits:

  • More effective absorption of plant protection treatments
  • Help reduce chemical leaching
  • Better wetting of the plant surfaces
  • Drive chemical cost down
  • Better penetration of the active substance to areas that are hard to reach