HANSA® ADD 1045 | Overvarnishable levelling additive with a high slip and anti-crater effect

HANSA® ADD 1045 is a universally applicable, highly efficient levelling additive for aqueous and solvent-based wood and industrial coatings. HANSA® ADD 1045 stands out particularly as anti-crater additive which can be easily overvarnished and which has a clearly lower foaming tendency.

Due to its special chemical composition and its very good compatibility HANSA® ADD 1045 is excellently suited for transparent high gloss systems which are not only imparted with enormous slip properties but additionally with an improved scratch resistance.

Besides the excellent slip HANSA® ADD 1045 simultaneously ensures very good overvarnishing properties. This product neither affects the gloss of coating systems nor does it lead to any dulling.


Very low foaming tendency

The disadvantage of surface-active additives is that their strong foam stabilisation often leads to an insufficient incorporation into a coating at high shear forces.

In comparison to common surface-active products, HANSA® ADD 1045 clearly foams less and offers thus the advantage of a smooth and effective incorporation during the manufacturing process.




Overview of advantages and properties

  • Low foaming tendency
  • Imparts coatings with an excellent surface slip and simultaneously with overvarnishing properties
  • Highly efficient at low application quantity
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Reduces the surface tension improving thus the substrate wetting
  • VOC-free according to EU guideline 2004/42/EG
  • Free from mineral oil and from APEO
  • Stable at pH values of 3.0 - 13.0



  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Concentration: approx. 100 %
  • Viscosity: < 2000 mPas
  • Surface tension (0.1 % in water): 32.5 mN/m
  • Recommended application amount: 0.1 - 1.0 %

For your formulations we recommend using the following additives together with HANSA® ADD 1045:

HANSA ADD 1362 | Substrate wetting agent
Additive for substrate wetting for aqueous coatings with an additional promotion of the levelling and a high compatibility.

HANSA ADD 150 | Substrate wetting agent
Excellent substrate wetting agent with a high compatibility and a high penetration.

HANSA ADD 1065 | Substrate wetting agent
Excellent substrate wetting agent with a low foaming tendency and strong reduction of the surface tension.

HANSA ADD 5425 | Defoamer
Highly efficient and highly compatible defoamer which is particularly suited for aqueous, high gloss wood and furniture coatings and which does not impair the levelling.


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