Group-wide responsibilities

These senior executives hold central positions overseeing the entire CHT company group:

Business Field Textiles

Benoit Moutault

Business Field General Industries

Levi James Cottington

Business Field Construction & Assembly

Dr. Bernd Schenzle

Business Field Washing Solutions

Prince Charles Stevens

HR & International Corporate Development

Rainer Hallenberger

Information Technology

Martin Schmälzle

Group Accounts

Stefanie Bubeck

Marketing & Corporate Communication

Jens Isenbeck

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

Ralf Kattanek

Marketing and Sales

Petra Engels

Strategy and New Business Development

Dr. Annegret Vester

Strategic Raw Material Purchasing

Oskar Irsigler

Purchasing Commodities, Services, Consumables & Investments

Alexander Scherf

Central Research and Development

Dr. Peter Will


Nico Wawerek

Product Safety

Tina-Vinkica Cvek