Group-wide responsibilities

These senior executives hold central positions overseeing the entire CHT company group:

Business Field Textiles

Benoit Moutault

Business Field General Industries

Levi James Cottington

Business Field Construction & Assembly

Dr. Bernd Schenzle

Business Field Washing Solutions

Prince Charles Stevens

HR & International Corporate Development

Rainer Hallenberger

Information Technology

Martin Schmälzle

Group Accounts

Stefanie Bubeck

Marketing & Corporate Communication

Jens Isenbeck

Marketing and Sales

Petra Engels

Sustainability (CSO), Strategy and New Business Development

Dr. Annegret Vester

Strategic Raw Material Purchasing

Oskar Irsigler

Purchasing Commodities, Services, Consumables & Investments

Alexander Scherf

Central Research and Development

Dr. Peter Will


Nico Wawerek

Product Safety

Tina-Vinkica Cvek