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Hong Kong / China

CHT China Company Ltd.
Waylee Industrial Centre
Flat C, 23/F
30-38 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

Managing Director:
Mme. Sharon Chung

+852 24 131 698
+852 24 152 433

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The CHT Group took advantage of the open door policy in South China at the beginning of the 80s and founded the first Asian subsidiary in Hong Kong in 1986, Tuebingen Chemicals Co. Ltd. today CHT China Company Ltd.
The fast growing Chinese market subsequently led to expansion in the cities of Dongguan, Bolou and Shanghai. Here the CHT Group started with the production of a complete range of textile auxiliaries including pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing additives. In 2017 the production in Bolou was consolidated at the Dongguan site in order to improve synergies. Since the acquisition of the ICM Group, we have an additional production site in Tianjin, which specializes in silicone elastomers. The location in Hong Kong is the central administrative office for all Chinese CHT companies. The total number of employees in China is 146.
Due to the different market dynamics, many renowned Chinese textile producers have increasingly built factories in South East Asia, e.g. in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, etc. These overseas customers are also supplied by CHT China. Besides the direct support of textile finishers, we work closely with international and local textile brands within the scope of the BeSoEffective offer.
In addition to the textile industry CHT China also serves many other markets with different CHT Industry Solutions. The focus is mainly on silicone elastomers as well as silicone-based products for the construction industry, paints & coatings and consumer care.

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Direction Vente
Herr Thomas Mak
+852 2413 1698 |
+852 9464 0909

Gérante du Service Technique
Herr Jack Zhang
+86 21 5746 3333 – 837 |
+86 138 1702 5453

Gérante du Marketing
Frau Alice Cao
+86 21 5746 3333 – 831 |
+86 150 0196 3748