Formulators Textile auxiliaries

The CHT product range includes special silicones and numerous aqueous emulsions for high-quality functional textile finishes.

Our products for textile applications support the following effects:

  • Smoothness
  • Wear comfort
  • Non-iron
  • Soft handle
  • Hydrophilic behaviour
  • Waterproof effect (fluorine free)


We provide components for the formulation of...

hydrophilic softeners: Softeners are of crucial importance in textile finishing since they impart the fabric with the desired handle or make subsequent processing easier. Furthermore, they improve the technological properties such as antistatic behaviour, hydrophilicity, elasticity, sewability and abrasion resistance.

textile softeners: Our portfolio includes amino-modified polysiloxanes with reduced D4 content for all kinds of fibres. They can be easily formulated to micro and macro emulsions. Special alkyl-modified amino-siloxanes have a very good water repellency due to the alkyl chain modification.

special hydrophilic softeners: CHT also produces sugar-based hydrophilic softeners with side chain modification. These softeners have a high compatibility within a broad surfactant/pH range and they are especially suitable for resin finishing (easy care). Our organo-modified polysiloxanes with hydrophilic properties improve the sewability without risking a yellowing of white articles. They have a positive influence on the elasticity of knits and can be used for finishing garments.

hydrophobisation agents: Our innovative cationic or anionic reactive silicone emulsions can produce fluorine-free waterproof systems for the textile industry with a very nice touch modification on cotton or synthetic fibres such as polyester.

special siloxanes: The CHT portfolio also includes special reactive siloxanes for textile softeners for all kinds of fibres to improve the durability to washing and a resilient effect as e.g. on polyester fibres. They can also reduce the thermal migration of polyester dyeings.



Product range:

quaternary organo-modified siloxane with very soft handle and outstanding hydrophilicity

polyether-modified siloxane with smooth handle and improved hydrophilicity

amino-modified polysiloxane for producing permanent hydrophilic softeners with positive influence on the elasticity of knits

reactive amino-functional polysiloxane with very soft and smooth handle

amino-siloxane for producing permanent softeners for all kinds of fibres