Sustainability management

Sustainability at management level

The sustainability management was implemented within the company by establishing a steering board and a sustainability coordinator. The steering board is responsible for decisions on sustainability topics. Due to our medium-sized corporate structure sustainability is managed by the highest executive level. All projects are assisted by members of the second executive level.

The steering board accompanies projects and their progress as well as the individual measurements within the framework of the sustainability commitment of the CHT Group and makes the necessary decisions. Through a regular communication of our sustainability activities to all stakeholders such as our staff, the supervisory body as well as our business partners and NGOs the board contributes to a clear positioning of our company as reliable and trustworthy partner in the market.


Steering board

  • Dr. Frank Naumann | CEO CHT Group
  • Dr. Bernhard Hettich | CTO CHT Group
  • Ralf Kattanek | Group Vice President Textile
  • Michael Wellhäußer | Works Council
  • Dr. Annegret Vester | Strategy and New Business Development
  • Levi James Cottington | CEO CHT USA
  • Dr. Herbert Bachus | Central Research and Development (Sustainability Coordinator)


From a strategical point of view our sustainability management has the following targets:

  • As an employer and business partner we contribute our share to the social progress of the company
  • We minimise ecological, economic and personal risks through our long-term vision
  • We open up additional business opportunities
  • We expand our trustworthy relationship to our stakeholders
  • We operate on our markets as preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions