Principles of our environmental policy

We consistently take responsibility for our actions and continuously minimize our environmental impact caused by providing our services. We take care to preserve resources and minimise emissions.

Compliance with legal requirements for development, manufacturing, storage and transport is therefore self-evident to us. This commitment underlines our actions based on the principles of the Responsible Care Initiative.

We have implemented a comprehensive environmental management policy and we have set measures for their systematic application. Continuous improvement is possible based on the involvement and continuous training of our employees.

We make our environmental guidelines available to the public.

We implement the latest technologies at our facilities and these are operated by responsible and well-trained employees. Regular maintenance and testing guarantee our safe operation and conformity with our sustainability strategy.

Special information about the Dusslingen site

Our production plant at Dusslingen (Germany) has been subject to the stipulations of the Hazardous Incidents Regulation since 2005.
There is an information sheet available about possible risks in case of an incident and safety measures to be taken.
For further information in case of an incident please call our 24-hour Citizen Phone. Our site is supervised by the regional council.

The last on-site inspection according to § 17 paragraph 2 of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances took place on 12.09.2019.



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