Principles of our energy policy

The CHT Germany GmbH management commits itself to introducing and maintaining an energy management system which complies with the Standard ISO 50001 including all claims therein. It ensures that nature and extent of energy use and energy consumption meet the needs and further development of the company. Our company will improve the energy-related performance through continual development of strategic and operative aims. For this purpose, we will provide the necessary personnel and material resources.

The CHT Germany GmbH meets all legal requirements and voluntary agreements regarding energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency. The CHT management supports the purchase of energy efficient products and services which serve for improving the energy-related performance.

Energy policy is a main issue of our company policy together with the sustainability initiative of the CHT Group: "We take care". We consistently take over responsibility for our activities and steadily minimise environmental impacts associated with our performance. In energy policy, we also take particular care to protect resources and to minimise emissions and waste.

We also participate in the Sustainability Initiative Chemistry3, a mutual project of VCI (Association of the Chemical Industry), BAVC (Employers' Association in Chemistry) and IG BCE (Union for Chemical Fields). Implementation of the energy policy is checked in an annual review by the management and adapted by the employees in projects as necessary.