Product kindsSoft handle agents
Any desired handle can be achieved with soft handle agents. In this way, surface smoothness, core softness and elasticity of a textile article can be defined. Properties like hydrophilicity and whiteness retention as well as highest application reliability are assured at the same time.

Raising finishes
A soft, voluminous fabric surface results when textiles are raised. Raising finishes support this process for an optimal result.

Sanforising auxiliaries
Highest dimension stability of a textile is achieved by sanforising. Sanforising auxiliaries support this mechanical process to achieve highest effects.

Hydrophilic agents
Improve the wettability of textiles and in this way increase the wearing comfort because e.g. perspiration and moisture can be absorbed faster and transferred to the outside.
  • Application in easy care finishing
  • Suited for exhaust procedures
  • Suited for cellulose
  • Suited for the padding procedure
  • Suited for terry cloth
  • Suited for white fabrics
  • Hydrophilic
  • Pseudocationic
  • Very good stability of the pH value up to the alkaline range
  • Very good stability to shear forces
  • Contains silicone
All areas of application


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