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CHT Colombiana Ltda.
Calle 84 Sur N° 37 - 10
Variante de Caldas
Sabaneta - Antioquia

Managing Director:
Mr. Luis Solis

+57 4 444 48 38
+57 4 444 08 87


Technical Service | Sales | Service Laboratory | Production

CHT Colombiana Ltda was founded 24 years ago and has its headquarters in Medellin. A modern production plant, highly qualified laboratories for the textile, garment, construction, paper, silicone and agricultural industry are located there. Moreover, you can find administration and sales departments as well as warehouses there. The team of CHT Colombiana Ltda consists of specialised technicians offering comprehensive service for every industrial field. We supply integrated solutions, chemical products and dyes with innovative technology for the textile, garment, paper, construction, silicone and agricultural industry.


Sales Director Textile
Mr. Francisco Durier
+57 4 444 48 38
+57 4 444 08 87

Sales Manager Textile
Mr. Rubén Tamayo
+57 4 444 48 38
+57 4 444 08 87

Sales Manager Construction and General Industries
Mr. Max DeWilde
+57 1 405 38 33
+57 1 405 38 34