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CHT Quimipel Brazil Química Ltda.
Estrada Municipal PRC 281
Vila dos Pedrosos
12970-000 Piracaia - SP

Managing Director:
Mr. Paulo Arneiro

+55 11 4010 5151 |
+55 11 4010 5160


Technical Service | Sales | Service Laboratory | Production | Development

Quimipel is a leading Brazilian chemical specialties provider of solutions to the pulp and paper industry, founded in 1998 and located in Piracaia city, state of São Paulo.
The portfolio of products supplies every steps of the paper manufacturing process, as well as the pulp manufacturing process. In addition, Quimipel offers chemical solutions for water treatment. Quimipel enjoys an industry-leading market position as a result of its innovative and technological solutions provided by high technical assistance, qualified sales team and innovative products that meet the customer needs.
The Company employs over 52 people, operating in approximately 2,006 m² of manufacturing area, which includes facilities for research and development, customization of products, testing and production.


Managing Director
Mr. Paulo Arneiro
+55 11 4010 5151 |
+55 11 4010 5160

Mrs. Rebecca Filizzola
+55 11 4010 5151 |
+55 11 4010 5160

Customer Service
Mrs. Mariana Paschoal
+55 11 4010 5151 |
+55 11 4010 5160

Sales Director Chile
Mr. Jarbas Almeida Falcão
+55 (11) 98282 3902

Sales Director Mexico
Mr. Javier del Rosal
+52 3336 300 630

CHT Quimipel Brazil Química Ltda.

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