Qualified and motivated

We employ around 2,300 motivated and highly qualified employees worldwide at our head office in Germany and at 26 companies and distribution offices in approximately 60 countries worldwide.

For the selection of our team we consider qualification to be of greatest importance.
The personality of each and every employee is just as important. Personal initiative and responsibility are the most basic conditions for satisfied customers, constructive business relations and long-term success.

Our value-oriented and cooperative management style creates a fun atmosphere to stimulate creativity, performance, satisfaction and personal development.
For this is the only way to create products of special quality and success for all parties.

Health and balance

We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. A long-term and productive collaboration is our highest concern, and professional training and personal development are our permanent tasks.

The CHT Group implements numerous measures and decisions to ensure that our employees are doing well. Measures are based on our corporate health management policy and we also provide different social services. Our engagement does not end at the monthly payroll and it often exceeds legal requirements.


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