Electrical insulation and electronic encapsulation

CHT Electrical insulation and electronic encapsulation

Electronic components require protecting from moisture, dust and foreign bodies. This protection can be guaranteed by potting/encapsulating the components.

Electro potting provides the following attributes:

  • Electrical shielding
  • Contact corrosion protection
  • Bonding of components
  • Mechanical stabilisation
  • Vibration and impact resistance

The miniaturisation of electronic assemblies adds a higher demand for stability to guarantee the functionality and optimum performance. Silicone elastomers curing at room temperature (RTV) have a proven history of stability and protection. Silicone elastomers are single and two part liquid systems that convert to a rubber-elastic by a chemical reaction.

Silicone elastomers normally use 2 types of crosslinking mechanisms. The preferred product for electro potting is the “addition cure” crosslinking system, this fore fills the demands of the electronic industry and offers remarkable temperature stability as well as an outstanding performance for electrical insolation and isolation.

Furthermore, silicone elastomers are resistant to weathering as well as to UV radiation. They have excellent flame retardant properties and when tested meet the UL certification requirements.

Properties that make silicone elastomers first choice as encapsulants for electrical components:

  • High temperature stability
  • Outstanding electrical durability and strength
  • High gas permeability
  • Outstanding hydrophobic behaviour


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