Dry Mix Mortar

CHT Mortar Mixtures

Whoever is building or renovating a house, is mostly not aware of the positive influence of additives on the processing behaviour and functionality of various mineral products.

Mineral systems offer a great variety of products, which allows for their use in numerous application fields with versatile properties. Mineral adhesives or mortars are required to link bricks, to lay floor tiles or to fix thermal insulation composite boards on the house front. Plaster systems, on the other hand, are to cover and protect the masonry. Further product families are for example self-levelling compounds, filling compounds or reconstruction mortars.

The CHT Group offers efficient additives with versatile properties which simplify the use of mineral systems to customers. Producers of mineral systems will be able to formulate their products with excellent processing properties and high efficiency if they use our additives. For each individual customer they can influence the sleekiness, durability, accelerated or retarded setting, thickening, water retention capacity, pumpability or controlled water consumption.

With our innovative and specific additives we aim at contributing to a successful positioning of your product on the market.

Application fields

  • Gypsum
  • Lime-cement
  • Tiles


  • Rheological additives
  • Defoamers