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One dye, many benefits

Every day, our environment is exposed to numerous negative influences: Whenever possible, the CHT Group would like to contribute therefore its share to sustainability. Is it possible to achieve dyeings which are fast to wetness and have yet improved ecological properties? Yes, it is with our BEZAKTIV GO – and you benefit from this in various ways.

Our BEZAKTIV GO dyes only require minimum quantities of water, energy and electrolytes. The dyeing times are very short, and the dyes can be used in much lower quantities, which not only helps protect the environment but also save money.

Our concentrated BEZAKTIV GO dyes have excellent exhaust and fixation properties which guarantee highest productivity even with clearly shorter process times. You need of course not waive the usual intensity and process safety of our dyes but achieve results of the usual high Bezema Colour Solutions quality.

Moreover, with the new ZERO GO elements CHT offers a selection of p-chloroaniline-free dyes which can be discharged with white and which are particularly suited for medium to dark shades. Their quick fixation makes them suitable for the use in the GO procedure, and they are completely free from undesired arylamines.




Have we aroused your curiosity with the savings which can be achieved by using our BEZAKTIV GO dyes? See for yourself by using our calculation program of our free Bezema Colour Solutions dyestuff app (free of charge for iOS and Android). Our staff will be pleased to support you, so don't hesitate and contact us directly if you need help.


    Application fields

    Due to the exceptional environmental friendliness of the BEZAKTIV GO range these dyes are suited for dyeing cellulose, regenerated cellulose fibres and their blends.

    Dyeing and rinsing at 40 °C – that's just what you need!


    Perfect combination

    BEZAKTIV GO is particularly suited for a use in combination with the following products:









    Sector German title English title Type Date Language
    Bezema Colour SolutionsBEZAKTIV GO | Nachhaltig FärbenBEZAKTIV GO | Sustainable DyeingBrochure24.05.2019
    Bezema Colour SolutionsBEZAKTIV GOBEZAKTIV GOShade card22.07.2019

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