Board of the Beitlich Family Foundation

The board of the Beitlich Family Foundation operates within the CHT Group as foundation and supervisory board.

The functions they carry out are based on the founder’s will and ensure the achievement of strategic business objectives. The foundation board appoints the management board, supervises and supports them on a long term. The board also approves the annual business plan, the strategy as well as investment and acquisition plans.

The foundation board is purposely diverse and complementary due to the technical background of its 4 members. They are committed to the tradition and values of the CHT Group and the steady expansion of our core competences innovation and sustainability.

Johan de Ruiter, Beitlich Familienstiftung

Johan de Ruiter - Chairman

Entrepreneur in Alsbach
Member since May 1, 2001


Special focus:

  • Corporate governance and strategy
  • Sales and marketing
  • Medical technology, healthcare


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz T. Gresser, Beitlich Familienstiftung

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz T. Gresser - Vice Chairman

Director of the German Institutes for Textile and Fibre Research Denkendorf
Member since January 1, 2015


Special focus:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Research, development, innovation
  • Textile engineering, fibre-based materials, machine construction


Dr. Antje von Dewitz, Beitlich Familienstiftung

Dr. Antje von Dewitz

Managing Associate and Head of Marketing at Vaude Sport in Tettnang
Member since January 1, 2014


Special focus:

  • Sustainability
  • Personnel management
  • Strategic brand management and communication


Prof. Klaus Müller, Beitlich Familienstiftung

Prof. Klaus Müller

Member since October 15, 2015


Special focus:

  • Auditing
  • Tax consultancy
  • Corporate Governance