Automotive coatings

CHT Automotive Coatings

Since the invention of automotives their coating is not only an extremely important optical feature but it also creates emotions and is suggestive of quality. This high-tech system consisting of several coats has additionally many technical tasks and protective functions.
Process aids and additives which impart certain effects are indispensable for meeting the great number of demands.

The CHT specialty chemistry optimises your automotive coating systems regarding processing behaviour and stability and supplements it with specific functions. The sustainability and environmental compatibility of the offered solutions is of crucial importance to us.

Our innovative additives cover the following core ranges of the automotive industry:

  • Automotive OEM coatings
  • Automotive refinish coatings

Benefit from our versatile core competences for your product development. Our products optimise your automotive coatings in the following way:

Substrate wetting

  • Improvement of the substrate and intercoat wetting
  • Improvement of the spray pattern
  • Prevention of pinholes, craters and other surface defects
  • Increase and adjustment of the intercoat adhesion in multi-coat systems

Defoaming and deaerating

  • Foam prevention during pigment grinding and let-down
  • Defoaming during the application

Surface design

  • Prevention of orange peel effects
  • Improvement of the levelling and surface properties
  • Control of the overcoatability
  • Increase of the surface slip
  • Improvement of the scratch resistance
  • Modification of the feel


  • Improvement of the storability through reduced pigment and filler sedimentation

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