Architectural paints

CHT Architectural Paints

Today, high quality paints or plasters not only have to provide attractive design or optical effects but additionally contribute to a long-time protection of the house front.

Durable and sustainable protection of buildings and surfaces can be achieved by means of highly efficient hydrophobic agents that are suited for nearly any decorative paint.

A great number of further highly efficient additives of the CHT Group make sure that paints and plasters meet today’s demands in terms of production, application and performance.

These additives are already efficient in smallest quantities and are mainly applied in the following Systems:

  • Dispersion paints and plasters
  • Silicate paints and plasters
  • Pigment pastes and slurries



To the CHT Group it is of particular importance to support both customers and partners with know-how. Our strength lies in the joint development of individual solutions for product developments and adjustments in the following fields:


  • Increase of the water retention capacity
  • Targeted adjustment of the production and processing rheology
  • Improvement of the storability through reduced pigment and filler sedimentation

Defoaming and deaerating

  • Foam prevention during the production of coating materials
  • Deaeration of the paint during and after its application

Hydrophobic treatment

  • Improvement of the breathability (sD-value)
  • Control of the surface hydrophobicity and beading effects
  • Reduction of the water absorption (w-value)
  • Influence of the abrasion resistance
  • Adjustment of “easy-to-clean“ properties