Agricultural chemicals – Australia

Exceptional modern adjuvants for Australia’s farming practices

Today’s modern farming practice expects a high performance from its chemical program as well as the need to be environmentally and ecologically compliant to best practice and regulation.

CHT Sustainable Chemistry philosophy and technology provides today’s agriculture chemicals users and manufacturers with the newest supplements and adjuvants for soil and foliar applications to help the farm deliver on its KPIs, be they commercial, qualitative or compliant.

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Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Agricultural SolutionsAgrarchemikalien | CHT AustralienAgricultural chemicals | CHT AustraliaBrochure14.06.2018
Agricultural SolutionsArtikel: Sichere Ernte dank CHT AustraliaEditorial: CHT Australia for enhanced crop securityDocument30.08.2016
Agricultural SolutionsArtikel: Deutscher Einfallsreichtum erleichtert BewässerungEditorial: German ingenuity keeps life easier for irrigators Document30.08.2016