CHT Germany GmbH joins Tübingen Climate Protection Pact

On 21.3.2018, the opening event of the Climate Protection Pact took place in Tübingen, the city where the headquarters of the CHT Group is located.

CHT supports the initiative in every respect and therefore has recently joined the alliance as one of around 50 companies. CHT received a certificate for this voluntary commitment during the event in the town hall, presented by the mayor Boris Palmer.

The Climate Pact is an element of the climate protection programme "Tübingen macht blau” (“Tübingen goes green”) and addresses all companies  located in Tübingen.

The mayor Boris Palmer was optimistic that the Climate Protection Pact would enable Tübingen to achieve the CO2 target it had set itself. In total, the objective in Tübingen is to emit 25 percent less carbon dioxide by 2022 than in 2014. All signatories have committed themselves to support the city in achieving this.

In addition to regular meetings at which the participating companies discuss possible climate protection approaches and successes, for the companies it is now a matter of taking concrete measures.

Whether companies consume less energy, generate ecological electricity or invest in a climate-friendly vehicle fleet, the options for climate protection are versatile. Ultimately, the measures, apart from legal requirements, are within the decision range of the companies themselves.

At the Tübingen and Dusslingen sites, for example, CHT purchased an electric car for the company's internal vehicle fleet in 2017. This means that the trips between the two sites in Tübingen and Dusslingen are not only quiet but also environmentally friendly. In addition, the company is also subsidising the service bike leasing for employees throughout Germany following the so-called “JobRad” (job bike) initiative.

All German sites are certified according to ISO 50001:2011 for their energy management and it is used 100% electricity from renewable sources.

CHT has permanently embedded climate protection in its corporate strategy and is active in many ways. Last but not least, the Group publishes its activities in an annual, comprehensive sustainability report.



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