TOP 100

CHT R. Beitlich GmbH was awarded again as Top-Innovator

At the end of last year CHT R. Beitlich GmbH had applied for the certification ‟TOP 100“ for the second time, and achieved again a placement among the most innovative companies of Germany after two qualifying rounds. This is an encouraging success for all staff members of our company, and it confirms our innovative performance.

We had applied again in order to get an objective evaluation of our research performance. Since the award in 2012, we have optimised our processes, started with our R&D team in working on megatrend topics, as well as on our communication. The renewed award gives us the certainty to be on the right way.

Compared to our first placement about two years ago, we could achieve an even better ranking and will be in the upper section of the award winners’ list. Our assessment certifies that we have clearly developed further in the categories of ‟innovative processes and organisation“, ‟innovation marketing“ and ‟innovation fostering top management“. We are very proud of the award and intend to keep on developing the innovation process and to apply again for an impartial assessment. On today’s date we decide to participate in the competition taking place in two years.


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