Textile Care Business 2014

Textile Care Business continues to grow

The unbroken growth tendency of our Textile Care Business Field led to another sales record in 2014. Concentrating on the core competences of the company together with a very strong personal customer service and continual sales activities resulting in many new, innovative products and solutions has paid off. Not only could sales be increased by a two-digit percentage, business met all expectations also in terms of profitability.

The basis of this success again during 2014 were "smart solutions" with a clear focus on sustainability in washing processes which bring added value to the washing company customers in terms of higher efficiency and ecological aspects.

ZeroF, the fluorine-free brand of CHT for excellent impregnation and protection of workwear, was introduced on the market in 2014 just like BEICLEAN Natural, a detergent with surfactants containing 100 % renewable raw materials.

The continuing trend for environmentally friendly wash processes and our commitment to mankind and our environment also complies with our latest developments which will be introduced to the market this year. Chlorine-free washing with a new enzyme recipe or with BEIPLEX NWS. Bleaching and disinfection at 60 °C can be done with our modern catalyst BEIBLEACH CAT.

These are only a few examples of success from our well-covered research and development pipeline. Our focus will be kept on the development of products and processes contributing to sustainable development in textile care processing.


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