CHT Textile Care 2017 - successful and innovative

Tübingen, March 2018, the CHT Group’s business field of Textile Care succeeded in completing the business year 2017 with an increase in sales.

Even in a market environment which is increasingly difficult and with high demands on all players, the team of Mr. P.C. Stevens, Head of the business field, has again been successful in mastering the challenges of the market.

“Only by considering in daily cooperation with our customers how we can optimise the processes and washing procedures and make them safer and more sustainable, we can manage to hold and expand our position on the international textile market,” says P.C. Stevens, Head of the business field of Textile Care. “Furthermore we are proud to say that in 2017 we succeeded in developing the washing procedure UV SMART Power saving resources and making the process safer for the operating staff of laundries by working without chlorine or peracetic acids, and that we were able to significantly increase the durability of the treated textiles,“ adds Stevens.

CHT developed the washing procedure and applied for the patent.

“For us, it is important to keep an ear close to the market in addition to maintain very good personal customer contacts to be able to apply our profound textile chemical know-how for the development of new and profitable washing procedures and to realise sustainable process optimisations,” declares Stevens.

The development and expansion of new businesses in 2017 also show that the CHT has been able to position itself very well in the demanding Textile Care business. The developments in Brazil and Spain are to be pointed out in particular. For 2018, P.C. Stevens and his team plan to promote their international success even more. With the mixture of passion and high personal commitment, which has already been very successful in the German speaking countries (German, Austria, Switzerland), innovations and improvements of applied procedures and processes will also be searched for in the future.



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