Business Field Textile Care of the Group keeps on growing

The unbroken growth trend of the Business Field Textile Care of the CHT Group continued in 2016, which led once more to a top result.

“We are very proud of having succeeded once more with our great team spirit in a very challenging market”, says P.C. Stevens, Head of Business Field Textile Care. “The result proves that we meet the pulse of time and that of our customers with our optimised washing process concept which reduces the number of afterwashing cycles.“

Besides the high know-how of CHT in textile chemistry it is the very close personal contact of our Technical Sales Managers with our customers that permanently fills the innovation pipeline. In-house development teams are thus able to develop new products and technologies which highly support and improve the processes and washing procedures at the laundries. At present the team is working on a process improvement with a potential revolutionary impact on the complete industrial washing process. The first results from the pilot trials are expected by summer 2017.

“Our success concept is based on our “Smart Solutions“ where we clearly focus on sustainable washing processes“, states P.C. Stevens.

Apart from the good sales development, P.C. Stevens and his team are happy about the great international success they achieved in 2016. Quite a number of international major customers could be won. Therefore, business in 2017 gets a new dimension but also a new challenge for the whole team.


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