The Textile Care business field of CHT Group continues its great course of growth

The unbroken tendency of growth in the business field Textile Care of the CHT Group still has continued in 2015 and ended up being the best year of this business field.
“We are very proud that our commitment to the market was not only rewarded again by a very good double-digit sales growth, but also by a clear growth in result in 2015“, says P.C. Stevens, Head of Business Field Textile Care.

The mentioned success did not come just like that, Mr. Stevens’s team colleagues have consistently supplied support to the customers at their sites. Relying on the vast textile chemical know-how of CHT, as well as due to the very good personal contacts of the customer service, new products and technologies can always be developed with which enormous improvement and support of the processes and washing procedures can be obtained.

“Our “Smart Solutions” are the basis of the success concept with clear focus on sustainability in the laundry procedures“, according to P.C. Stevens.

“At the exhibition in Frankfurt, CHT will present a new sustainable laundry procedure called  SMART BLUE ACTIVE. Laundry without chlorine and peracetic acids means an increase in safety at the plant and improves the quality and durability of textiles. This new development shows that CHT does not only strive to support their customers with very good and effective products, but that we are working every day on making the industrial wash process safer, and giving it an always higher flexibility and effectiveness“.

We consider the personnel reinforcement in the customer service of the CHT team by Mr. René Schmidt and Mr. Volker Schurr as highly satisfying.


CHT Volker Schurr

Volker Schurr

Started on March 1, 2016 and works at CHT R. Beitlich GmbH in the sales field service of customers in the South of Germany.

Volker Schurr, born in 1969, is Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering / Automation. Mr. Schurr has many years of practical experience in the management of medium sized laundry companies

CHT Rene Schmidt

René Schmidt

On February 1, 2016, he came to reinforce the CHT team, and he works in the customer service on the sector of dosing technology.

René Schmidt, born in 1970, is electrician / Department of Mechanical Engineering, and he is a service technician in the fields of dosing and laundry technology with many years of experience.


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