The CHT Group publishes its sustainability report 2016

The CHT Group has published its sustainability report for 2016. Based on the globally recognized guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4), it provides information on its social, ecological and economic responsibility in its core business and along the value chain. For the third time the CHT Group has presented this voluntary sustainability report.

The CHT Group is a medium-sized global player for speciality chemistry. Being a foundation-owned, tradition-minded and value-oriented company for chemical specialities, we consider our sustainable economic activities and acting not only as an opportunity for a long-term, successful future of our Group but also as our claim.

Dr. Annegret Vester, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications:
“To us sustainability means that economic, ecological and social effects are taken into account in our corporate acting. We focus on developing products, solutions and procedures which contribute to a sustainable development in industrial processes.”

The report provides a comprehensive insight into key issues such as the impact of sustainability, sustainability management, ethics and integrity, economics, ecology and society.

In 2016, the CHT Group continued to work on implementing its sustainability strategy and achieving the targets set. The introduction and certification of an energy and resource management system was achieved at all German sites. Evaluation of the entire product range according to sustainability criteria was completed. The evaluation of suppliers was expanded globally and supported by local audits for verification.

The sustainability report also provides information on the CHT Group’s achievements for the United Nations' sustainability goals. Since 2016, the company group has been member of the UN Global Compact.


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