The Studienkompass visits CHT

On Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 the Studienkompass offered a training for applicants in the rooms of CHT in Tübingen.

Dirk Nees, honorary team member of the Studienkompass, provided 10 participants from the regions of Tübingen and Reutlingen with the most important tips and tricks about job applications, job interviews and assessment centres.

Dirk Nees himself works full-time at the HR department of an international group, so he knows very well what he’s talking about, what is decisive.

The Studienkompass is a programme of several foundations for promoting young people from non-academic families and for providing them with an intense orientation regarding studies and job. Participants can expect a permanent support in the last two years of school and in the first year at the university.

The group for the regions of Tübingen and Reutlingen comprises 15 pupils from most different grammar schools who are accompanied by three honorary mentors on their way to university.

All participants listened to the evening training eagerly and with great interest and joined discussions proactively. By the end of the day nearly all questions were answered. With a lot of new input the pupils went home.


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