CHT Group releases updated ZDHC and GOTS lists

Transparency and sustainability are important to us. Being a producer of special chemicals, we continually optimise internal processes in terms of resource usage, emission and process safety. For many years already, our company group with its headquarters in Tübingen has participated in a number of campaigns for the protection of mankind and the environment.

Within the scope of the ZDHC campaign (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) an updated MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List) will be released in March 2015. This list prohibits the use of certain chemical substances and also sets limit values for impurities caused by these substances. The MRSL list is valid worldwide and applies to chemical products used for producing textiles as well as for the field of leather production. In updating the ZDHC MRSL, CHT has also updated its product recommendations ('Recommendation List') for the production of textiles. This information will also be published on our website in March.

The worldwide accepted GOTS criteria (Global Organic Textile Standard) for an ecologically and socially responsible textile production have also been revised. The certification criteria of version 4.0 valid as of March 2015 were already published on March 1, 2014. Since then, the product safety team of the CHT Group has re-certified about 250 GOTS-certified products and has registered new products according to the new criteria. A list of new registrations from the CHT Group is planned to be published in March of this year.

In addition, CHT and BEZEMA have been a bluesign® supporter for years. Bluesign® is the only standard that guarantees a holistic, environmentally friendly and sustainable textile production by means of a consequent 'Input Stream Management'. Over the last years about 1000 textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs of the CHT Group have been registered by this Swiss label. The approved products have been taken up in the bluefinder®. This database allows for textile processing companies all over the world to find bluesign® certified products which allow for a sustainable textile production.

The ZDHC and GOTS lists for our products can be found on the new CHT Group online portal under


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