Several awards for PureMove Bra by Reebok

The perfect example of smart special chemistry

Last year Reebok launched a trendsetting innovation on the sports bra market with its PureMove Bra. In 2018 alone, the U.S. sports article manufacturer was honoured with six famous industrial awards. Amongst others, the PureMove Bra made it onto the Best Inventions list of the TIME magazine. After only few months after its market launch this new sports bra is a unique success story.

Dr Frank Naumann, CEO of the CHT Group, says: “We are impressed by this product development which pricked up the ears of the complete textile industry. Congratulations to Reebok for this justified success with the innovative masterpiece.”

An absolute highlight of the innovation by Reebok is the integrated motion sense technology. The special chemistry reacts to the woman’s movements and makes the textile material either stiff or soft depending on the requirements. This unique shear thickening fluid (STF) is amongst others used in the NASA space overalls.

This smart combination of textiles and special chemicals in the PureMove Bra is the perfect symbiosis. It is really impressive to see how much development potential such functional textiles still have.

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