Silicone Elastomers World Summit

Visit us at the Silicone Elastomers World Summit on the 27th and the 28th of November in Milan, Italy. On the exhibition area of Merck KGaA and Rea Jet GmbH we present our new developments ALPA-LSR 550201 and ALPA-LSR 550202.

The market for labelling offers great potential - from labelling of shelf life, batch numbers, QR codes, origin to traceability to unambiguous product identification. For these applications, the CHT Group offers the innovative ALPA-LSR 550201 and ALPA-LSR 550202, a 2-component silicone elastomer in two different versions, which cross-links by polyaddition reaction. It has been developed particularly for laser marking. Depending on the intensity of the laser treatment, a permanent marking from light grey to black is possible. Furthermore, a permanent marking on the surface as well as a deep laser engraving can be achieved.

Laser marking on ALPA-LSR 550201 and ALPA-LSR 550202 is forgery-proof and scratch-resistant. Abrasion due to the time factor or mechanical influences can also be avoided. In addition, the printed image is resistant to environmental influences and chemicals.

ALPA-LSR 550201 and ALPA-LSR 550202 are FDA and BfR certified and are therefore also suitable for applications in the food and medical sectors.


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Material SolutionsALPA-LSR | Permanente LaserkennzeichnungALPA-LSR | Permanent laser markingBrochure20.09.2019