Responsible use of silicone-based finishing products

The advantageous properties of silicones in the field of textile finishing are undeniable, they are state of the art, especially in the case of textile softeners. Many textiles are given important functionalities, such as a pleasant wearing comfort or good sewability, especially by finishing with silicone softeners. Other common finishing products, such as sewing thread lubricants, also obtain their optimum performance through silicone components.

Since June 27, 2018 the ECHA has included some cyclic siloxanes in its REACH candidate list for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). The CHT Group has already published a statement on this subject.
Customer information on legal conditions | D4, D5 and D6 Siloxanes

As a worldwide leading supplier of sustainable specialty chemicals, the CHT Group offers innovative and smart solutions for the textile industry. Our TEXTILE AUXILIARY SOLUTIONS contain a variety of silicone softeners and many other finishing products which can be used without restriction in the future.
Our customers will continue to benefit from the positive properties of silicone-based products in textile production and finishing.


In the following list you will find all the silicone-based textile softeners and finishing products from our online catalogue which meet the ECHA requirements of a cyclic siloxane in a concentration of < 0.1%. These products can be used in compliance with the regulation. The Europe-wide safety data sheets for the above products have been comprehensively updated.

We would be pleased to advise you, also with regard to further alternatives from our complete range.

ARRISTAN 201 | Soft handle agent

ARRISTAN 64 | Soft handle agent

ARRISTAN 66 | Soft handle agent

ARRISTAN 71 | Soft handle agent


ECOPERL HC | Water repellent


NouWell RLX | Functional finish

NouWell SCA | Functional finish

NouWell SPA | Functional finish


POLYAVIN 3000 | Sewing yarn finish

POLYAVIN EFA | Sewing yarn finish

POLYAVIN CL 100 | Sewing yarn finish

POLYAVIN HELP | Sewing yarn finish

POLYAVIN TEX | Sewing yarn finish

TUBINGAL 3S | Soft handle agent

TUBINGAL ACE | Hydrophilic agent, Soft handle agent, Raising finish, Sanforising auxiliary

TUBINGAL BSM | Soft handle agent

TUBINGAL FMH | Soft handle agent

TUBINGAL GSI | Hydrophilic agent, Soft handle agent, Sanforising auxiliary

TUBINGAL HWS | Hydrophilic agent, Soft handle agent, Raising finish, Sanforising auxiliary

TUBINGAL ISP | Hydrophilic agent, Soft handle agent, Sanforising auxiliary

TUBINGAL MRQ | Hydrophilic agent, Soft handle agent, Sanforising auxiliary

TUBINGAL RGH | Hydrophilic agent, Soft handle agent, Sanforising auxiliary

TUBINGAL RMG | Soft handle agent

TUBINGAL RSK | Soft handle agent, Raising finish


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