Sustainable one-bath PES dyeing with SARABID TS 300

As fast as the wind, as sustainable as nature itself

TS 300 is ideally suited for one-bath washing, dyeing, and both preliminary and post-cleaning of PES and compostable polyester in the exhaust process. TS 300 stands out for a very good emulsifying, levelling and migrating capacity. By promoting the fine distribution and migration of the disperse dyestuffs throughout the complete temperature range it prevents dyestuff agglomerations.

Application fields

  • Levelling agent with dyestuff affinity for PES, acetate and triacetate in the exhaust process
  • Flexible use in washing, dyeing and after-treatment process
  • Dyeing of greige goods and reductive cleaning in one bath
  • C2C dyeing recipes for compostable PES

Product properties and benefits

  • Controls the uniform exhaust of the dyestuffs
  • Levelling and migrating properties with good stable dispersions
  • Emulsifying, washing and extremely low foaming

Environmental sustainability

  • C2C, largely free from harmful substances (ZDHC MRSL) and bluesignŽ approved




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