Responsibility from raw material purchasing to customer product

Responsible Care Award 2019 goes to CHT Germany

Sustainability does not begin and end at the CHT Group's factory gates, as the Group focuses on both its supply chain and its customers.

CHT's wide-ranging spectrum has now been submitted to the Responsible Care competition 2019 under the title "Demanding and promoting sustainability - we take responsibility from purchasing to customer application" and convinced the jury.

For the second time in a row the CHT Group was able to win the mid-sized companies award of the VCI Baden-Württemberg as well as the nationwide award. This year, sustainability in the supply chain was the central topic.

To ensure sustainability along the supply chain the CHT Group's suppliers have been evaluated comprehensively in terms of their sustainability since 2014. All suppliers worldwide are analysed accordingly to uniform criteria and receive an overall rating that includes ecological and social criteria in addition to classic performance criteria such as quality safety, delivery reliability and competitive prices. As a minimum requirement for the status "Sustainable Supplier", in addition to a positively evaluated and documented self-disclosure, the countersigned Code of Conduct of CHT as well as valid certificates according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 have to be provided.

Suppliers that do not meet the required status are either replaced directly, or packages of measures are defined in a targeted manner, the implementation of which is then evaluated in a subsequent review. The current sustainability rate for CHT suppliers was 88% at the end of 2018.


On the sales side, CHT focuses on process chemicals and additives that help customers worldwide optimise their manufacturing processes while saving resources, energy, time and water. This sustainable approach has been gradually extended in recent years to include CHT's service functions. In addition to mere certification, CHT offers its customers comprehensive support and transparency with the QRPI tool (Quality & Regulatory Product Information), especially in the business field of Consumer Care Solutions.

The winners of the Resposible Care Competition 2019 with VCI President Hans Van Bylen (far right). From left to right: Artur Eisele-Kohler, Carl Epple (both Epple Druckfarben AG), Luis López-Remón, Dietrich Tegtmeyer (both Lanxess AG), Frank Naumann (CHT Germany GmbH) and Karin Laberenz (DAW SE).


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The QRPI report concisely presents all information of the CHT product regarding quality, product safety, certification, legal regulations and chemical composition.

This new product passport helps customers not only with the application. The added value is immense, especially in the regulatory evaluation of their formulations and products with regard to subsequent declarations and certifications.

For CHT, sustainability therefore begins with the purchase of raw materials, it is an integral part of its own production and value creation and is also documented and made transparent for customers.

WE TAKE CARE - We take responsibility!



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