Position of CHT Group regarding ZDHC

  • CHT Group is supporting “The ZDHC Foundation” since 2011
  • CHT supports the effort of ZDHC to manage textile chemicals along the complete chain by one global systematic approach
  • CHT appreciates cooperation between bluesign and ZDHC
  • CHT has almost 1,500 products listed in the bluefinder and in the near future in the ZDHC Gateway as well

CHT considers sustainability as long-term and successful part of its future strategy, rooted in the company vision.

Sustainability in the textile field means to CHT that all partners along the textile chain need to cooperate in order to define the best standards for chemicals and processes that ensure sustainable textile production. Therefore CHT Group is developing and suppling dyestuffs and special chemicals to the textile industry all over the world which help to save energy, water, time and waste during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore it is the intention of CHT to strongly support initiatives that aim to eliminate unacceptable hazardous chemicals from the textile supply chain. Nevertheless it is necessary that all partners within the supply chain cooperate and assist the goal of constituting one systematic chemical evaluation and management instead of developing constantly new and individual requirements and standards.

CHT is supporting “The ZDHC Foundation” since 2011 and is appreciating the efforts and the progress ZDHC has made since its foundation in order to improve sustainability within the textile and leather supply chain.

CHT directly and as member of the German TEGEWA association is in close dialog with ZDHC like other chemical suppliers in order to ensure the position of the chemical suppliers to ZDHC and the brands.

bluesign and ZDHC signed a cooperation agreement this year. CHT sees this cooperation as one step into the direction of “one accepted chemical systematic” along the entire textile chain.

bluesign is globally accepted and seen as integral system. All products listed in the bluefinder will be accepted without any additional screening in ZDHC Gateway, which is an important tool for the “ZDHC signatory Brands”. Currently CHT has almost 1,500 products in the bluefinder and in the near future in the ZDHC Gateway as well.

In the meantime there are more than 10,000 products uploaded in the ZDHC Gateway and the tool will be automatically filled in the future with bluefinder products because of the bluesign agreement with ZDHC. According to our understanding one major target and request has been achieved. Moreover the actions and pressure of the ZDHC brands will lead to an increase of uploaded products in the ZDHC Gateway, too.

Nonetheless CHT Group still sees the necessity of further improvements in the ZDHC activities and alignment of the ZDHC signatory brands. Therefore CHT will continue its way of a constructive dialogue and open cooperation with ZDHC, the signatory brands and other chemical suppliers in order to support the improvement process of chemical management along the complete textile chain.


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