Change in management

CHT Dr. Frank Naumann

Dr. Frank Naumann is the new CEO of the CHT Group

January 7, 2015: As of January 1st 2015, Dr. Frank Naumann is the new CEO of the RB Beitlich Industriebeteiligungen GmbH (RBI) and is thus responsible for the entire CHT Group. Together with Jan Siebert (CFO) and Dr. Bernhard Hettich (COO) they form the management.

Dr. Frank Naumann is the successor of Erich Mechel, who has now become a member of the Beitlich Family Foundation, the supervisory board of the company.

Dr. Frank Naumann joined the CHT Group on October 1, 2014 and is responsible as Managing Director for the entire Group for R&D, Marketing and Sales.

Until 2012, Dr. Naumann, a chemist with a Ph.D., worked for Henkel KGaG in global management positions within Research, Marketing and Sales. Until mid 2014, Dr. Naumann worked as Managing Director for Neste Oil located in Geneva, Switzerland and was responsible for the worldwide sales of renewable fuels.

He has big plans for the CHT Group. The successful and profitable company for special chemicals shall continue to grow beyond the nearly 400 million EUR which have already been achieved. Dr. Naumann’s words: “In order to achieve this we have to concentrate on what we can do well: Implementation of innovative ideas in special applications which support our customers to ensure their success and to contribute to a sustainable development. Customer proximity as well as the outstanding quality of products and services make the difference on the market.”

Important company principles for the CHT Group are a value-based management, a high innovative strength and continual commitment.


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