CHT modernises its production site

New pilot plant in Dusslingen officially inaugurated

On April 10, 2019 the inauguration of a new pilot plant was celebrated at the Dusslingen site. This was joined by colleagues involved in the project from the areas of plant management, production, development, occupational safety, operating technology, workshop and the works council.

The aim of the new pilot plant is to optimise systematic process development in order to make the transition of products from the laboratory to production more efficient. In addition, samples of new products can be manufactured for customer trials and new process technologies can be tested.

With its modern pilot plant, the CHT Group is further expanding its expertise in new manufacturing technologies and improving processes in order to be able to supply customers with innovative products more quickly and in a more goal-oriented manner.

This project was originally drafted in 2016. After having received the permission, construction work began in 2018 on the approximately 400 m² area in an existing building. Over the following years, a gradual expansion of the pilot plant with further facilities is planned in order to be able to carry out far-reaching production simulations on a small scale.

A total of around EUR 1 million is to be invested in the project.