New apprentices at BEZEMA AG

CHT New apprentices at BEZEMA AG

In August, BEZEMA AG welcomed the new apprentices:

  • Alina Frei, Commercial Apprentice EFZ
  • Aparna Mangaleswaran, Commercial Apprentice EFZ
  • Anja Schegg, Apprentice Laboratory EFZ Textile
  • Dario Breitenmoser, Apprentice Laboratory EFZ Textile
  • Mario Knaus, Apprentice Laboratory EFZ Chemistry
  • Lars Hasler, Apprentice Logistics EFZ


The apprentices‘ career start was opended by the vocational trainers with an information meeting in the morning. After a good lunch the BEZEMA AG introduced apprentices to their IT world. The apprentices had then the possibility to have a look into the departments, where they got informed about their future tasks.

“The first week will be spent to get acquainted with the departments and the staff members. To get to know other apprentices and trainers even better, the apprentices‘ excursion will also take place during the first week“, says Jenny Kämpf, Manager of Human Resources and Apprentices of  BEZEMA AG. The excursion led the apprentices to Chur to the AdventureRooms. In teamwork they had to crack codes and solve riddles. They spent the afternoon in the Pradaschier rope park in Churwalden.

The apprentices spent an exciting time with a lot of fun and action.

With the start of the vocational training school the new apprentices have finally arrived in their new everyday life.


The BEZEMA AG wishes all the apprentices a good start into professional life and a successful apprenticeship.